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Owen en Ourense | SON Estrella Galicia

Café & Pop Torgal

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Viernes 07 Junio 2024 - 20:30h
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Prohibida la entrada a menores de 18 años

Entradas Owen en Ourense
Fecha: Viernes 07 Junio 2024
Hora de apertura de puertas: 20:30
Lugar: Café & Pop Torgal
Precio: 15€ anticipada / 18€ taquilla
Prohibida la entrada a menores de 18 años

Spanning more than two decades, Mike Kinsella's widely influential songwriting has steadily sharpened and evolved with each new chapter. In his solo vehicle as Owen (in addition to his roles along the way with American Football, Cap'n Jazz, the more recent LIES, and other collaborative ventures), Kinsella’s ability to seamlessly stitch jagged emotional currents into crushingly beautiful songs has remained at the forefront of his art. This contrast has become more distinct as Owen expanded from unassuming ac oustic beginnings into more ornate production, reaching new levels of complexity and clarity by the release of 2020’s The Avalanche . The Falls of Sioux , Kinsella’s newest Owen full - length, levels up even further. As much as these nine songs represent a typ e of reinvention, they also feel like the natural next step in Kinsella’s growth, both artistic and personal. The album perforates an established sound to explore unlikely musical ideas, while the songs document a time of moving through life - altering turm oil into brighter days. Heavy themes are turned over with a gentle hand, and Kinsella inhabits the deeper perspectives that come with hard - earned life experience